Bring me the Tropics Daiquiri
Bring me the Tropics Daiquiri
Bring me the Tropics Daiquiri

Bring me the Tropics Daiquiri

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Who fancies a holiday? We do! 
So we created this delightful little number. Helping us feel like we are on holiday, whilst being stuck at home. Let us take you somewhere tropical and warm!
A delightful warming Daiquiri of Toasted Coconut Rum, Green Chili Liqueur, Lime Juice and Pineapple Syrup.

This tropical number will transport you away with fresh citrus, smooth Coconut and sweet pineapple. whilst bringing some warmth earthy spice from the chilli liqueur, making you feel like your basking in the sun.

Sold in 1 Litre Pouch - 8-10 Cocktail Servings 
Sold in 500ml Bottles - 4-5 Cocktail Servings
Sold in 250ml Bottles - 2-2.5 Cocktail Servings
15% ABV

How best to serve - Store me in the fridge and when ready serve, Pour 100/125ml over Ice and enjoy!  
Garnish - with a wedge or wheel of Lime.

Please keep me in the fridge, and drink me within 1 month.

All our drinks are made with fresh ingredients, some separation may occur, shake the bottle to mix again and you're ready to go! 

Please enjoy our cocktails in moderation.
This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm you are 18 years of age or over.